Contact me

Bob Flanagan – Why (from this film – a must-seen !)


To contact me and meet me, email me at : euryale_(at)gmx(dot)com

In your message, you must include :

  • your name
  • Your expérience in BDSM (novice, intermediate, advanced, extreme / your main interests…)
  • Hard limits (which practices you will under no circumstance take part in)
  • Health issues or physical limitations

I am always reachable by email, if you wrote correctly the address below. If I do not answer right now, it means that I do not wish to answer, or a response time is necessary to me, for whatever reason.

I will send my phone number by email, if you want to communicate in person.

If I am not available by phone, write me a clear sms, giving me your name and the reason for your call. I’ll call you back. Do not leave a voice message.