I run my sessions in Hong-Kong, Wanchai district.

I can be available every day of the week, from 1 pm to 9 pm. Note that I require you to book a session at least 24h before our appointment. You can still ask for a session on the same day, however be prepared to have no as an answer. Send me a message as soon as you can and I will tell you if I am available.

You can book different types of session with me :

  • BDSM Sessions – My Main Activity

1h, 90 minutes, 2h or more. I only receive subs that I already know for sessions longer than 2h. You probably would prefer to know if our fetishes and mindsets match before being stuck with me for 4 hours. In this regard, read carefully my Portrait page, which will give you a first impression about me. Do you think I am the right one ? Our practices are similar ? Don’t just look at my photos on my Gallery, have a look at my favourite Practices before contacting me.

You can contact me on WhatsApp, but I give priority to e-mails. Don’t call me.

I expect you to write a correct and full message. Be polite, don’t write an essay, but something longer than « hello » will be greatly appreciated. How and where to contact me ? Click on my Contact page.

I refuse the lack of punctuality, vulgarity and lack of hygiene.

  • BDSM Sex Coaching

I noticed that some subs take an appointment with me and they finally are willing to talk about their BDSM sexlife. There is no standardized sex practices, and especially for BDSM players, who sometimes feel embarrassed, ashamed or just in need to know how to blossom in a world where talking about non-mainstream sex practices is difficult. This is similar to sex therapy in a very special way, it can be therapeutic, but it is not about healing you and your past wounds. It is about helping you to thrive in BDSM sex life or  in your personal & sexual relationships. Do feel free to share with me your stories over email, I will be delighted to offer my insights and to arrange a BDSM Sex Coaching session.

I also run my sessions in Paris, France sometimes, in the 20th arrondissement. Have a look on my schedule to know where I am. Note that as of now, I am based in Hong Kong and come back to Paris periodically.